iOS 8 Defects


Apple has announced ios8 and many of the users report bugs in the new version of iOS.  Lets check out the list below! Dialer Crashing Users report saying that when ever they get a call or make a call, the phone gets crashed and have to redial to proceed with the call. Random Soft Reboots [...]

Micromax Unite 2 A106 Review


Micromax is the top leading mobile manufacturer and best the seller in India. It has got many awards for the quality they maintain and produce happiness to their customers. They always stick on their words and deliver the possible reasonable phones to the us. It’s the #1 mobile manufacturing company in India. It manufactures both [...]

Karbonn Opium N7 Review


Karbonn’s been the hype over the last 6 months producing cheapest mobile phones with shocking mobile performances. I really appreciate their hard work and letting know them they really get into the people’s mind and understand what a normal and middle class person needs on a phone. As the generation changes to android they started [...]

Karbonn Smart A27 Plus Review


Karbonn been a top selling cheapest mobile manufacturer in India. Recently they have launched Karbonn Smart A27 plus and today we are going to run a review which will help you to decide whether to buy or not. So lets have a look at the New Karbonn Smart A27 Plus Smartphone. This smartphone is available at [...]

Custom USB Drives for Smart People


Custom usb drives or custom flash drives are storage devices with a custom requirement and custom shape which makes it a unique usb drive among all other manufacturers. Who can use custom usb drives? For Smart People – As the title itself says that, it is ordered by only smart people or geeks because they [...]

Karbonn Smart A12 Star Review


Want to know about the review of Karbonn Smart A12 Star? and want to how the phone performs and its performances? Then Grab your mouse to scroll and check out Karbonn Smart A12 Star Review below. Karbonn a Indian leading mobile manufacturing company has introduced a new model named Karbonn Smart A12 Star at a price of Rs. [...]

Root Moto G in 3 Steps


Motorola Moto G has been an affordable phone to each and every individual in India. Not only in India it also covers some other countries. Presently its price is retailed at 13,000 INR with a 16GB internal Storage includes a quad core Snapdragon process, 4.5 inch HD display, 5 MP rear camera with a 1.3 [...]

Apple Devices Gets Hacked


Users of Apple devices tonight (10:30pm onwards 26 May) found that their iPhone, iPad, iPod had been set to lost mode with requests being made send money to unlock the device. They aren’t allowed to reset the phone too, its asking a passcode to unlock the device!  Users are waking up to a message on their [...]

Why Moto E Got the Hype?


Since Motorola Sold their Company Motorola is on a big Hype. Previously it was the Moto G with good specifications and reviews that was priced at 14k INR. We thought that this was the cheapest phone from Motorola with some good specifications! But Recently two days back Motorola shocked the world by introducing a new [...]

LG G Pad 10.1 Brief Review and Specifications


LG G Pad 10.1 is the most trending device on the web right now.  This device was recently released in the month of May 2014 along with other devices LG G Pad 7 and LG G Pad 8.  LG haven’t officially released any news on the specification of G Pad 10.1 but we being the [...]