How to Read Emails on Apple Watch


Got some important mails? Want to check your mails on your Apple Watch? Then it is actually possible as I am going to reveal that How? There do such time come when we don’t have approach to our phone or PC and on the same time we want to read out certain important mail. Then […]

Create Sticky WordPress Widget


You might have noticed that every website today is using floating elements like social sharing bar, header, opt-in, and search box.  Floating and Sticky elements are used on many blogs as they easily attract the visitors and improve conversion rate.Improvement in conversion rate will directly help to reach more audience. If your sidebar has some […]

Use Multiple Gmail Accounts in a Single Account


Having more than one G-Mail account in today’s life is very essential according to our needs, Having more than one Gmail account can be useful for some people to separate the personal mails and work mails. But if one is having more than two accounts it’s annoying thing for them to check all the emails […]